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Simplified Micro Projector

The simplified micro projector is the perfect choice for those who want the benefits of led light without the hassling of a visual protection film. This projector features a standard micro fiber optic lens with a lifespan of 10, 000 hours. It can project up to 259 degrees of vision in all directions with ease. Additionally, the smp has a easy-to-use interface and comes with a standard mount.

Home Cinema Projector

Home Cinema Projector

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Micro Led Projector

Hello everyone, I'm here to talk about a topic that is close to my heart: micro led projector. there's at least one micro led projectors available on the market today, and they're amazing! they're small and easy to take with you wherever you go, and they can show just what you need in a way that's small and easy to use. why not try using them yourself? there are a few steps to micro led projector setup, and they're as follows: 1) connect the lead of the micro led projector to the power outlet of your computer or devices, or to a monitor or tv 2) set up the cursor movement and white balance of the projector 3) trust your eyes and go to your chosen movie or video tape 4) end the setup procedure by power off your projectors and leave them inoperable for a day.

Smp Led Projector

The new smp led projector has an easy to use interface and features a lightweight design that makes it easy to move. The smp led projector comes with two aaa batteries that will let you project your favorite movie or audio over the network. the smp simplified micro projector series is a series of easy to use micro projector that are designed for home cinema and entertainment. This series includes the smp1, smp2, and so1, which offer simple design and simpleupeopment. With these options, you can be sure that you get the best possible quality and performance in the form of easy to use and easy to clean micro projectors. our smp is a simplified micro projector that features led entertainment power that can project content up to 25 feet with excellent image quality. With our great image quality and easy to use controls, it is easy to project content where you want it to be. Plus, using our low power settings, you can get just up to 12 hours of tv power usage. the simplified micro projector is the perfect popcorn movie experience. With its small size and easy to store condition, the smp is perfect for home cinema.