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Revere 8mm Projector Model 85 Power Cord

This is the perfect project for those who want to buy a new power cord. The old one is gone and you'll now need a new one for your revere 8mm film projector model 85. The new power cord is quality wire insulation and with its longness and durability it will last for years.

Revere 8mm Projector Model 85 Power Cord Amazon

There’s no doubt about it: the future of technology is digital. And what does that mean for you? .

Revere 8mm Projector Model 85 Power Cord Walmart

This is a vintage 8mm reactable projector model 85. It is working film projector that comes with a original case. The projector is vacuum sealed and it is australia grade 6 peroxidase resistant plastic. It ispais grade 6 quality plastic for a better look and feel. The projector is made in australia and it is spare part number 85c. The power cord is a 80 foot power cord. This is a very rare model and for this reason, we are selling it at a discount. this is a vintage model 85 projector that is still going strong. This ship projector still has its power cord. Some other great features include the original case, which is why it is this well-loved projector. this 8mm bell projector is a classic but with a modern update. It's a power tool for film fans and fans of projects. This bell projector has a 256 film projector case and has enough power for most applications. The bell projector also features a white balance and sharpness control. The projector also features a clear screen and easy to use features. this is a vintage revere model 85 8mm film projector with original case and cord. This projector is powered on and has a cord.