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Gaf 8mm Projector

The gaf 2788z 8mm movie film projector model 438-m6qc is a great quality collectible movie projector model. It is also monitor grade clear feldkirchglas, and has the classic gaf 708e power cord and connector. This model is perfect for any movie watching needs.

Gaf Dual 8 Movie Projector

Dual projector project both videos at the same time with ease. You can choose which video you want to view. You can also choose to have both videos play simultaneously or choose to have one video play and the other video play as soon as possible. Finally, you can choose to have both videos play continuously or choose to have one video play and the other video play as soon as possible.

Gaf 8mm Projector Walmart

The gaf 8mm projector parts are only for the gaf 8mm projector. This projector is the only one that features a 8mm video resolution. The parts are wall mountable and come with six screws for a tight seal. The part is also mind blowing with it's own 8mm video resolution! the gaf dual superregular autoload 8mm projector model 1333 is perfect for projection use. It has a large, rogjikx engineering design that makes it strong and sturdy. It features a 1333 lumens las range and a standard 3-position sunshade. The projector is easy to operate, with a front wheel drive and a quick-start guide. this is a vintage gaf 1788 z dual super 8mm movie film projector vtg reel to reel works. The projector will project 8mm movies or tv shows correctly, with no issues. This projector also works with digital files too. This is a great movie projector for anyone looking for a proper old-school look and feeling. this is a great condition 1666z projector from the early 2000s. It has the box and it is very clean. The lens is very clean, with no marks oricals. The picture is very good with great color and contrast. This is a great tool for learning or personal viewing.