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Opaque Projector

Theopaque projector for wall or canvas image reproduction- bulb not included.

Opaque Projectors

What are they used for? opaque projectors are used to create a clear screen on a background that isopaque projectors are used to project a clear screen onto an image.

Vintage Opaque Projector

The j. Taylor company is a heritage-based, american-based projector company that has been producing opaque projector models since 1978. The ts-7 is a well-working and contemporary model with an opaque whitedigest lens and an opaque black digester lens. It is designed as a powerful and high-quality projectanturner. the artograph prism 225-090 is an opaque professional art projector that features a full-sized art pigment. This projector is perfect for displaying your art in a clear or low light environment. The art opaque projector is easy to set up and is perfect for professional art displays. the plus dp-30 is an opaque projectori that is perfect for artists who need the most of a large or high-resolution art piece. It features a high-quality, clear lens and an lifetime warranty. the spotlight is a used opaque projector that has been tested and proven to work with perfect accuracy. The spotlight is the perfect tool for watching movies and tv shows without ever having to remove your eyes from your screen.