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Vintage Radiant Projector Screen

This vintage radiant projector screen is perfect for using in a small space, such as a bedroom. It has a white paint job and a silver finish. It is also solid with a built in stand. This screen is perfect for watching movies or tv shows that you can't find anywhere else.

Vintage Radiant Projector Screen Target

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Top 10 Vintage Radiant Projector Screen

This beautiful screen from vintage radiant imperial champion movie projector is in great condition with no flaws. The screen is about 70" wide by 43" tall and is made of weatherboard with a lightly dusted finish. The screen is surrounded by attu-coated plastic and has a few small dings, but is otherwise in good condition. The tripod stand is included for free. this is a vintage projector screen on a tripod projection. The screen is from a movie camera and the tripod projection is from the slide projector. The screen is in excellent condition with no flaws. The tripod projection is about 1/2 inch higher than the screen and is made of durable materials. The slide is also high quality with a durable finish. This is a great addition to any collection. this elegant projector screen is made of vintage-looking materials and isstill in good condition! With a slip-up switch that flips the projector between a large 40x40-inch viewing area and a tall 10x10-inch screen, you'll be able to watch your favorite movies and shows without ever having to leave your living room. The projectors edgewater meier screen is rh-shaped, has a slide-out screen for viewing from at home, and is projectable to up to 40x40 feet. It's perfect for watching your favorite movie shows or movies in your home cinema without ever having to leave your living room. this is a vintage radiant projector screen of 40x40 inches, made of steel and plastic. It has a built in stand and original box.