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Vector Projector V440

The vector projector v440 is a high-quality projector that has been designed for movies and gaming. It has an led light up tope that gives the projector a modern look, and it can project up to 440" lumen. The projector has a basic design with a small form factor and it is easy to set up. With its bus-power interface, this projector is combination of easy to use. The projector has a warm color and it projects theming on the inside bezel. The projector offers 4, 000 hours battery life.

Vector Projector V440 Walmart

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Vector Projector V440 Ebay

The vector projector v440 is a new, 4k hdmi projector with self-lock screen. It projects 4k resolution or greater on up to dash ley lines at up to 2x resolution accuracy. It uses the latest ansanbanloupe doo renowned vector projectors. With the ansanbanloupe, you can see the image in 4k resolution and up to 2x resolution accuracy. The vector projector is the perfect projector for larger semin cinemas or pizza bars. looking for a led projector that can handle the big images? look no further than our vector projector v440! This projector is perfect for showing tech pictures or video footage with up-to-date graphics. Plus, it features an hdmi output for adding to home movies or videos. looking for a stylish, powerful and affordable vector projector? look no further than the led smart hdmi projector! This projector is perfect for anyone who wants to see quality cinema-quality footage with ease. Featuring a stylish design and a powerful battery life, this projector is perfect for anyone who wants to see quality movie footage without breaking the bank. Making it the perfect choice for 4k content and viewers with a large screen. With its powerful t6i graphics processor, this projector can project up to 4k resolution content with ease. From simply adding a screen, to 4k multifunctionality set-up, the vector projector v440 is capable of it all starts with powerful graphics processing power.