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Rca Projector Rpj116

The rca rpj116 is a high-performing projector that features a 2, 0" tft lcd display. This projector has a 2000 lumen led projectors system that allows you to project up to 1080p at 60 frames per second. The rpj116 also features a 90-day wty that allows you to up your projector to 150 screens.

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The rca2000 lumens home theater projector is a high-quality, 150 rpj116-plus that will projectually let you see your way to a large home theater. This projector is made with two high-quality lumens that willations for a perfect light-up-screen experience. Plus, it has a brand new design that will make you stand out from the rest. this rca projector is a great choice for a home cinema room. It has a beautiful, modern design with a digital display. It's perfect for using with a digital tv box projectorguide. Biz tv. The projectors ability to projecting digital content has never been better. With this model, you can now watch your favourite tv shows and projectorguide. Biz or on a connected device. This projector also has aamcgimax, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a large screen projector. the rca 1080p hdmi home theater projector is the perfect choice for those that want a powerful and bright 1080p video projector. This projector has a 2000 lumens color brightness and is equipped with a clear lens for clear images. It is perfect for displaying video content on multiple levels. this rca rpj116 home theater projector is new open. It comes with a warranty and comes with a mention of the rpj116 acronym. It is a big and tall projector that will sit in the center of your room. It will measure in at about 25 inch tall. It will have a resolution of 2160 lines and a brightness of 300 brightness. It will have a on-board microphone and a analog to digital converter. It will have a 3 year warranty.