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Kodak 4600 Slide Projector

The kodak carousel projector 4600 is a 3140 tray projector that provides a weima welcome mat experience. The projector is signed for with kodak and has been tested and working. The projector has a 14 day warranty.

Kodak 4600 Carousel Slide Projector

The kodak 4600 carousel is a high-definition 3d projectors that can be used for family shows, schools, or businesses. It canproject videos up to 20 megawatts (mw). The kodak 4600 carousel is compatible with both digital and analog images. It can project videos up to 20 mw. The kodak 4600 carousel is a great choice for a professional show or a new business.

Top 10 Kodak 4600 Slide Projector

The kodak 4600 slide projector in box offers extras like a manual focus lens, 2 lenses, and a remote. The projector also has a 4k resolution screen and can project up to 46" in height. the kodak 4600 slide projector is a top of the line projector. It has an excellent anonymous mode that keeps your work from coming across as secret. The 452-watt senses for brightness and noise make it easy to use, and the tv-quality image makes it a great choice for use in a television show or movie theater. The kodak 4600 slide projector also includes a crop code tag for easy tagging and managing. It comes with a cases for protection and easy storage. The projector also has an rfid-read only interface so you can control it from your phone. the kodak carousel 4600 projector has a three- languages: english, french, and spanish. It is compatible with projectors with aas, mek, or aa printer. It offers a slide show power up that lets you create slideshows with images, videos, and books. The carousel 4600 also includes a remote control for keeping track of the projectors and printers.