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Heads Up Display Projector

This projector is for the car with the overspeed warning and gps. It shows the projector's speed in real time and warns the driver.

Best Heads Up Display Projector

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Heads Up Display Projector Walmart

A projector that projects information from your head-up display (hu dome) onto your windshield. Overspeed warning and windshield projector features. Projector can be set to project information or a design look from your hu dome. Can project information or a design look onto any punting surface. Use with any car-styling software. this car speedometer digital hud head up display is the perfect solution for those who want to see car speed levels and avoide of overspeed issues. The overspeed alarm can be set to turn on when the car is out of oil, and the car speedometer digital hud can be set to turn on when the car is within oil. The u. Also includes a digital head up display for using with a cellular phone. theheadupdisplay is a car head up display projector that uses digital speed projector technology to project a digital speed readout on a nearby device. The projector can be controlled with a phone or computer, and can store and share speeds with other projector devices. the heads up display projector is the perfect solution for security and safety. With its easy to use interface and great performance, it makes for a more comfortable and efficient use of time.