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The jc-v1s 4-in-1 programmer truetone battery fingerprint dot projector repair tool is perfect for fixing projector problems. It projects the true tone battery fingerprint dot quality projector. The dot projector is also easy to use with the included repair tool.

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The jc-v1s programmer is equipped with a truetone battery fingerprint dot projector detector board and jbl sound enhancement board. It can project dots of optimally bright resolution up to 18 inches wide by 24 inches long. The dot projector also features a built-in detector that warns of potential dangers such as dust andcamera. the jc v1s dot projector upgrade board for apple devices x to 12 series is for the jc v1s dot projector. It allows you to upgrade your projector board to a jc v1s dot projector. This allows you to projectande devices in 12 series up to 12 series. this is a comprehensive guide on how to create a dot projector using the qianli iphone. You can projectdot projector projects or videos with ease thanks to the simple and intuitive design. The dot projector has been designed to be easy to use, with a front-and-center position in your marketing area. the qianli dot projector matrix fixture face is an artificial intelligence that takes care of all the face id and true tone for you. The stencil holder allows you to keep track of your projects without having to keep track yourself.