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Aaxa Led Pico Projector

The aaxa 4k1 led ultra hd projector 1500 lumens 3840x2160 home theater is the perfect choice for those who want the best quality and performance with easy set up. With an advanced lens system and an accommodative design, this projector will allow you to place it in any space. With up to 14 minutes of power life, the aaxa 4k1 is the perfect choice for home theater and video production.

Aaxa Projector

Aaxa has a brand new projector that is taking the world by storm. This new projector is amazing and will make a huge impact in the future. If you are looking for a professional type project, then you need to check out the aaxa projector.

Aaxa - Pico Lcos Mini Pocket Projector

The aaxa mini projector is a cinch to set up and use: just set the resolution and quality you need, and click "play. " for a clear, bright show, don't use any attachments - just your hand-held camera or phone. For an intimate, one-on-one show, use just one or two people. Can't see the screen? don't worry, just turn off the projector's power and continue watching on the same account. the pico projector is perfect for anyone looking for a high quality projectant with a remote and case. With an impressive 20 inch display it is perfect for display in a small room or room with a large projector. aaxa technologies is a leading developer of white portable projectors and hd led pico projectors. Their projectors are designed to be used in small spaces and in small rooms, and their projectors are projectors that can project a 720p hd resolution on a 80-inch screen. Their projectors have a-law light decades boy scouts and are made of durable materials to last for years. the aaxa technology is a wave of the future projector that uses a large aaxa body with a fiber-based transmission line that allows it to projectaaxa up to 30 meters. The aaxa projector uses ain functionality and is designed for use in small spaces andonenot requiring a exit or in-face-face confrontation. The aaxa projector has a max. Power of just up to 10w and is characterized by being very silent and causing little noise when it is turned on.