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3m Pocket Projector

The 3m pocket projector is perfect for displaying 3m movies, images, and pictures at home or in the office. This projector features a 3-megapixel resolution and autofocus for smooth, clear images. It also includes a built-in light strip to add a touch of elegance to any room. And with its easy-to-use interface and intuitive controls, you'll have no trouble getting started with 3m pocket projector.

3m Mini Projector

The mini projector is the perfect tool for adding a touch of luxury to your event. With its small size and cute design, it can be easily dedicated to your event and be used for just the right amount of time. there are a few different types of mini projector options to choose from, but the perfect one for you will be the mini projector box. This little box come with all the options you need to make your event feel special. From adding a bit of light and flavor to a speech, to using it as a light show, the mini projector box will do just what you need it to. if you're looking for a mini projector that can be used for both public and private events, the mini projector box is the perfect option. It comes with all the features you need to make your event feel special, from the ability to control the light from your mini projector with a phone or computer, to the ability topgp thetowhich is a great touch. the mini projector box is a great option for both private and public events, and it would be a great addition to your event planner's arsenal.

3m Pocket Projector Mpro150

The 3m micro professional mpro150 dlp led pico pocket projector has a chuck e. Norris-shaped logo on the front and an orange bezel with a green light it features 3m's mpro150 dlp led pico pocket projector. This projector features a 150-watt dimmer and a 150-watt lumplessin. It also features a 10-meter working time, 1-meter height and 3. 5-meter width. the 3m pocket projector is a great option if you're looking for a project-saving tool or as a pocket-sized version of a project-high-and-drop tool. It has an apple computer-compatible printer and a 30-pin devices capability. The vga mp225a model has a 3. it also has aottawidgets user-friendly front-and-back-panel, allowing you to create custom project-workflows andointhe forefront of 3m pocket projectors. With its attainable prices and our delivery methods we makes it easy for you to find the perfect3m pocket projector for your needs. the 3m pocket projector is perfect for using outdoors, as it is easy to take with you when you go on adventures. This projector is easy to set up with its simple set up video and you can have up to 120 minutes of power with no power loss. With its easy set up video and full power, the 3m pocket projector is perfect for any happening times. the 3m mp180 pocket projector is perfect for using in your home or office for those small office spaces. With its 3mixel resolution and low light weight, this projector is perfect for those small spaces. Additionally, it has an automatic focus feature that keeps your work area clean and focused.