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35mm Slide Projector

The 35mm sears whisper-matice 2x2 slide projector with remote control and 3 carosels is perfect for displaying movie content at a large scale. With a resolution of 2x2, this projectable projector can create an amazing show for your customers.

35 Mm Slide Projector

There are many ways to project a slide, but a common method is to use a. 3 million slide projector. This type of projector can be used for educational and non-profit purposes, and can project images up to 3. 3 million texures.

Color Slide Projector

This is a vintage kodak carousel 4200 projector with a remote lens 140 slide tray. It can be used to project images onto a white or light brown leather surface. The projector also has a blue or white light color indicator. the rollei p35a is a slide projector that is designed to project slides in frontal or rear view. It has a brand new, perfect condition slide projector. The projector is able to project slides in any direction with ease. Additionally, the rollei p35a is also able to project remotely, meaning that it is perfect for use in a small space or in a busy location. The projector is powerful and clear, making it perfect for any viewing situation. the telex 2x2 slide projector is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality, affordable slide projector. This projector features 2x2 projectors, which means it can project 2 slides at a time. The telex 2x2 slide projector also has a sleek and modern design, making it a great choice for businesses or schools. the argus 300 is an automatic 35mm slide projector that will project images in up to 15 degrees around the room. It has a small footprint and is powered by two aa batteries.